And the Winners Are

dog bowl       And the WINNERS ARE………….

I would like to thank everyone that came out to bowl with us on Halloween.  We had a great time with some incredible people.  We had some friendly competition and even those of us that couldn’t bowl to save their life (I won’t mention my name) came out winners.

Our first winner was Sandy Chretien who won a gift card generously donated by Aubuchon Hardware of Rindge NH.  I wonder if her husband Bill will fight her for it?

Dom Perkins our high score winner received a great movie pack for two and envy of bowling skill, he will share (we hope) his stash with his lovely wife Deidre Chretien.  The kids, Grace and Marilyn, did give him a run for his money and I was tempted to ask them for bowling lessons!

Ellie Mosher was the winner of a gift card from Home Depot, and seeing as she is not much heavier than a hammer graciously let mom Sarah and dad Nick have the card to fix up something nice for all of them!

Ellie may have shared her gift card with mom and dad but I think she will get to keep her jar of eyeballs to herself.  Great job guessing how many were in the jar, she came within 10!

All of the kids went home with special treats donated by Gentle Paws Pet Care.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the fun and for those that bought tickets just for the donation you are all awesome and have helped a great cause.


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Bowling to Help Neighbors


Join us October 31, 2015 for some fun!
Costume contest, bowling, and PRIZES!

All proceeds go to help your neighbor who may have had a hardship or disaster and insurance or lack of government programs to help their animals.

Yes animals are our family too!

Help us help them!

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Helping Those in Need

Have you ever lost everything in a disaster? Fire? Or maybe you lost your job and what little assistance you could find didn’t cover your poor fury family members.

When you were hardest hit with nowhere to turn, down on your luck and by the grace of kindness from strangers, helped pick you up.

Would you like to return the favor but do not know of a group that helps?  Against Cruelty a 501C3 Organization that tries to help local communities in the New England area by keeping families together. They would rather help buy your animals food or help pay a vet bill than see your family torn apart because of a hardship.

Help us help others! Donate, volunteer or come join in one of our fundraisers.

If your interested in joining our Bowl-a-thon contact Christine at or call 603-809-5116.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts,

Against Cruelty

P.O. Box 1341

Merrimack, NH 03054