Back Problems and Your Pet

Smaller longer bodied dogs like the Dachshund, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, and Beagles are usually more likely to have back problem but back problems can effect most animals they are less prominent in cats but can still occur.

Pain can be caused by several different conditions ranging from cancer to an enlarged prostate. The most common problem is a slipped disc. When the gel-like cushions called discs protect the spinal-chord bulges out putting pressure on the chord causing inflammation of the nerves it can cause pain and other symptoms.

Lower back and neck are most common areas for disc problems to occur. In the lower back they will often arch their back or hold a rigid position. Your pet may be reluctant to move and may even cry out if the spine is flexed and sometimes even touched. The rear legs can become weak or unstable and they may also lose control of their bladder.

The neck area can be stiff causing your pet to hold their head at an odd angle and may also have weakness, instability while also having muscle spasms. Weakness and instability from this area is usually less severe than that of the lower back area.

If you notice any discomfort, stiffness, strange spasms or unexplained actions discuss with your vet so a thorough exam can be done. An x-ray can show any calcification or signs of the narrowing of the discs.

Treatment varies with the severity of the case along with the cause. Usually an anti- inflammatory is used in conjunction with pain medicine and bed rest. Spinal injuries need time and patience to heal.

If it keeps recurring it will sometimes result in a needed surgery to remove the old disc material and long term physical therapy.


Is Hands Free Problem Free?

hands free leashHands free leash, but is it problem free? Absolutely NOT. I would not recommend this type of leash for  young dogs, timid dogs, pushy dogs, jumpers, runners, hunters, playful, aggressive, or any other type of dog EXCEPT a perfectly docile dog that will never charge, run, tug or jump.

This type of leash can and will cause all sorts of accidents of the very painful type. Have you ever been dragged by a darting dog? I have and that was with a regular leash that I was dumb enough to have wrapped around my arm and I could not get it to release quick enough. These have a great ideology behind them but for any dog walker with experience in how dogs have a tendency to get excited and dart rather quickly can tell you that logically and realistically these are the worst idea on earth.

So even for those of you that think your dog will NEVER EVER dart, run, jump or chase anything; think again even the most perfectly behaved dog can be suddenly intrigued by something unexpected.

For your safety and theirs please do NOT use this type of leash no matter how well mannered you think your best friend is. Continue reading

Crazy Questions a Pet Sitter Needs To Ask

There are your standard questions that every pet sitter needs to ask before caring for your pet like do they have any allergies? or is your pet other pet friendly? However because of situations that may arise in our day to day adventures we may consider for the safety of you and the pet asking a few crazy and maybe bizarre questions.

1) Has your pet ever jumped out a window? Yes this may seem very odd but have you ever seen a dog like this Bermese Mountain Dog jump out of one of these Cabin Window better

2) Another question may be; does your pet swim? Now this is very important especially if the dog is elderly or just in the habit of darting straight for every body of water known to man.

3) Is your pet in the habit of eating even the smallest of road kill and what actions should you take?

4) Does your pet know or listen to ANY commands? This is very important to clarify especially when you are told they do know simple commands because when the pet is darting off to the body of water completely ignoring your every stay, sit, stop NOOOOOOO command and they are swimming out to where the boats go and you are fully clothed with no means of getting to them if there should be a problem.

5) Does your pet have any problems with a particular gender, color, type of clothing, hat or vehicle or other type of animal?

6) Does your pet experience any kind of anxiety when you leave?

7) Does your pet have an off button? This is essential especially if the pet likes to bark non stop when you arrive even in the middle of the night and the neighbor starts yelling to shut that thing up!

8) Does your pet like to use their paws and mouth for anything other than the obvious? When a large or small animal wraps themselves around one of your limbs and just hangs on and nibbles on you as you try to remove the dangling animal it is important to know how to detach them.

9) Is your pet in the habit of eating acorns? And if they make a meal of this despite your every effort of giving tasty foods what should you do so they do not become sick?

10) Does your pet know their name? Truly? This is important for both recall and locating the pet.

11) This one relates to the last question but in the event your pet likes to play hide and seek…. where would they hide? And yes will they come when called?

12) Does your VERY large pet have small dog syndrome? Do they believe that your lap will hold their entire body and ask what’s wrong with you when they don’t quite fit?

13) Is your pet into sneak attacks? This is very important so that we as pet sitters can be prepared for any leaps and bounds out of no where. It helps us stay on our feet not on our butts.

14) Is your pet in the habit of making chase at the site of anything in particular? Again this keeps us on our feet not being dragged up a hill like a rag doll.

15) Is it normal for your dog to climb things like a cat?

16) Does your pet know how to open doors?

17) Is there a particular ring tone for a phone that freaks your pet out? I do not recommend having the theme song for Nightmare Before Christmas……

18) Does your pet like to roll on their back even when up on a bed, sofa or sofa top where they forget that YES they will roll off and blame you for shoving them instead?

19) Does your pet know how to take a treat gently? And if they need reminding what is the catch phrase other than “g– D@#$ son *& a b*^#@!” ?

20) Does your pet have a habit of pouncing on your child’s ball and popping it freaking them out beyond consoling?

These may seem silly but put them in perspective, the basis of these questions may just save the pet you are watching or at the very least keep you from having heart failure.

Tom Brady Your An Idiot……

Morons Unite

In a day and age when dogs are being ostracized because of their breeds, you have an athlete come out with a picture like this? For what? The satisfaction of feeling young and tough? An athlete or celebrity that poses as a childs role model giving mixed messages, what is it you are trying to teach them? That it is ok to torment a dog or force it to be vicious? If you think it is ok to make animals do what they were not meant to do then you have no business being in a position that acts as a role model. Dogs are social animals and they will do what ever their “family” wants them to do and young impressionable kids will look at this and say “Yeah that’s cool, let’s see if we can get Spike to do it”.  Next thing you know you have a dog accidentally biting someone and he is carted away to be put down because of someones stupidity or better yet you have kids following in the steps of another idiot athlete. Courtesy of New York Daily News excerpt “Trying perhaps to counteract the touchy-feely statements, Brady posed for the  magazine howling while a Doberman bit into his tuxedo-clad arm.”On the cover Brady poses as “Alpha Dog”. Top Moron is more like it as he sets an example for impressionable kids to follow.

Alpha Dog or Alpha Idiot?

Destroyer of life

Brady you are no better than the other idiot that made dogs fight and then took part in killing them. He was a role model as well that let kids think that it was “cool” to hurt dogs and to fight them but then he got caught and in being caught here is how people assisted in teaching kids that it was ok.

What defenders of these morons say to one another on talk shows – “But when Leno steered the conversation in an unexpected direction, using Vick’s case as a contrast to Polanski’s: “It’s amazing to me — you mistreat a dog, and you lose your career, and you go to jail for two years.”  Rock’s response added insult to injury for dog lovers: “Yeah, look at Michael Vick! What the hell did Michael Vick do, man? A dog? A pit bull ain’t even a real dog.”

How are we to teach children the right way to treat animals when they get no publicity for positive actions as these idiots making cruelty seem cool. See the follow pictures I am sure you never knew they existed because the media does not make it a priority or to point out the immorality of ads that disguise cruelty to animals. Will your kids be able to point out the positive versus the immoral ones?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We should let these people who hold themselves in such high regard know that they need to be more positive in their positions. With fame comes an unspoken obligation of being a form of a role model and should at least try to act with a morality if not anything more.

What Is Wrong With This Picture

It was late afternoon during rush hour traffic on a busy, main road and something quite disturbing occurred. Now I don’t have an actual picture but let me describe in detail what happened. I was driving behind a small blue ford pick up truck and behind me was a small green Mitsubishi car following very close behind me. The ford truck slammed on his brakes causing me to suddenly stop while causing the “person” behind me to become very angry because he almost bought me a new truck, but I have to admit I did get irritated until the ford moved and I saw what caused this chain of sudden stops.

A small white shitzu running willy nilly all over the road and in and out of the road. As this dog started this crazy run like a kid on too much sugar in front of my truck I thought “Oh crap please don’t let me have to get out of the truck to catch this little dog” You see I would have been barefoot because I was not going to run in high heels and I had on a long skirt that I had no wishes to trip on and fall flat on my face. I may have a little poise but I would not go so far as having any kind of grace under those conditions.

As I started to make this split second decision the small dog started to do it’s crazy run toward the side of the road and I turned my head and saw a small child no more than 7 or 8 years old calling to the dog with no leash in hand and with no adult supervision anywhere to be found. However, the child stood on a walk way near the house approximately 60 to 70 feet away from the road with no fencing or border around the front yard. He was standing so stiffly that I think if the wind blew he would have fallen like a wood plank.

Now with that visual in mind let me give you my opinion of what is wrong with this picture and feel free to give me your answers.

1) Where in god’s name was the leash!!!!!!!!!

2) Where was the ADULT supervision

3) Where was the ADULT supervision with a LEASH

4) Fence ?

5) Why was the person who should be watching the dog 60 to 70 feet away from where the dog is running around

Those are the main points of my irritation on the treatment of an animal that could have ended poorly due to lack of parent irresponsibility. Would love to hear your thoughts!