Real Hero’s


I never received letters talking about family pet heros to do my special blog so in honor of Memorial Day and every families heros I posted this perfect picture.

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A Life Beyond

A life beyond what? When I decided to write this particular article I wanted to write about Life Beyond Cushing’s. Instead as I started to think about the words I was about to write and re-write for the  fiftieth time I could only be angry and devastated because my whole life and my business is built on helping those in sickness and health and when it came to it, die with dignity.

But PLEASE explain to me HOW? How do you help one die with dignity when you are fighting a sickness that is so evil and vile that you have to look into your loved one’s eyes and tell her “I’m sorry baby I don’t know how to help you, please forgive me.”

As those of you who know for the last year I have been helping my poor baby girl Spirit fight a loosing battle against one of the worst diseases, Cushing’s. The brand in which my strong loving sweet little girl has been kicking the butt of, until this last week, is of the pituitary Gland at the base of her brain brand. We have fought weight gain, weight loss, hair loss, lesions, stomach upsets, lethargy and dementia. To watch my baby go from a happy loving dog to a lethargic, circle walking, senile basket case literally over night because this good for nothing disease decided that it was ok to let the tumor grow and put pressure where it does not belong.

We  and I mean myself, my children and Spirit’s daddy have sat back and each step of the way I worked at trying to be not only the buffer but the brick wall trying to keep everyone from feeling the heart wrenching pain of what Miss Spirit has been going through but also trying to be honest like when she was first diagnosed. Over and over I warned that what Spirit was going through was inoperable, we can not fix it because of where her tumor was. All we can do is make sure she does not suffer.

With each vet visit and each new blood test and each medicine adjustment and change I have watched not only what this cruel disease has done to my baby but I have watched what it has done to my family as well. When it comes down to a hospice care it becomes difficult for the loved ones not to be selfish.

When is the right time to say good-bye? You never ever want your loved one to suffer but you always question “will I have the strength to make the decision of whether my loved one has had enough?” and “when has my loved one had enough?” I am sitting in that very position now. Just when my baby stopped eating and I called the Dr. yet again for advice that I already knew the answer to but needed to confirm what I knew. Spirit again had an up, right from the lowest low I have seen. I looked into her face and asked her and myself “HOW? HOW can I make this decision when you play your London Bridge game? Your favorite game?” This is telling me Spirit has not given up yet. She bounced back like I have never expected. To see her eat like she did, act like she did, I wept for joy, but how many times is this enough, when does this become suffering?

After having been through this with many animals I let faith guide my decision and just hope and pray I never make the wrong one and if I do please, please let that little baby forgive me for being human and loving so much that for a brief moment I let my humanity get in the way of a difficult decision.

In conclusion let me say, always and I mean always be informed let your vet guide you and do not be afraid to have a second opinion but always keep your decision balanced between your head and your heart because your loved one maybe trying to be strong to make you happy but please do not let this keep you from making the hardest decision you have ever made by letting go. Hold in your heart their memory and remember each and every time they stopped and made you smell the roses.

For my SPIRIT and everyone else’s SPIRIT we love you!

Smelling the Roses

Loss of a Loved One

My family just lost a loved one suddenly and as anyone knows it is a difficult thing for many. Whether it is sudden or a long illness always take comfort in your family and friends.
Our loss was a beloved Aunt, Sister, Grandmother and friend. She was a kind and wonderful human being that was also an animal lover. Her cat did not out live her but there are times that your pets would out live you and I just want to place this thought to all of you.
Do you have something in place or someone who will care for your animals if you pass as sudden as my aunt? 
Please take a moment to look into the many options such as your will or a specific person or organization to care for the furry family that may lose you.

In loving memory to my dear Aunt Maureen forever in our hearts.