Brothers and Sisters

Our visit to the vet is a story I had to share. You have people that just do not believe that animals do feel, do have their own personalities and do have family structure. My dogs prove otherwise every day but this day, well siblings will be siblings.

I got home with plenty of time to spare to take everyone out and get the two dogs that had to go to the vet in the truck. However, that is not how it goes in this house. Sure take everyone out and of course Mini Me aka Jesse decides he does not want to be left without the other two so he is more than happy to hop in the truck while I have to beg, plead and practically drag the other to big baby’s figuratively and literally into the truck.

Everyone is finally in the truck and we are off. The drive goes fine and we only have about five minutes to go. YES we make it to the vet just in time for the appointment. We manage to get out of the truck with out Jesse squeezing out too. Although he whines and cries so loud you would think he was being tortured. “NO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” he says.

I open the door and why would one think that both Brandon and Khloe would cooperate and go in the door smoothly.  Nope they both walk in opposite directions and I have to reel them in like fish and steer them through the door with patient genius.

Our technician comes out and wants to weigh them. Khloe with just a little coaxing gets on the scale and sits like a good girl. Next is Brandon’s turn but he can’t figure out what to do so Khloe like a good sister patiently shows brother how to step up and sit on the scale. What a good sister to help brother.

Off to the room to visit the vet. Both of my poor babies are so nervous they are shaking and panting. Khloe keeps giving brother kisses as she continues to pace. Finally the doctor comes in and they both adore her but Khloe keeps her distance while Brandon gives love. The doctor takes this as he wants to go first. Like a good boy he goes through his exam and shots with flying colors.

Next Khloe is up and I bring her closer to me so the vet can get close enough to her however Brandon decides he will protect his nervous sister. Every time the doctor steps toward Khloe Brandon inserts himself between the two! Even the doctor congratulates him for protecting his little sister.

When we finally finish and they are ready to leave they get in the truck quite easily to leave. Once I hop in the truck I look to make sure everyone is sitting and comfortable but realize that Jesse is giving me the “help me mom” look. So I jump out and run around to his side thinking he is stuck and his leash is caught on something. Until I realize what happened I am laughing so hard because Brasndon is laying there with this devils smile on his face as I see Brandon is laying on Jesse’s leash and refuses to move. At least we know which sibling he likes to torture.

We are off and on our way home. one happy healthy family.


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